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  • And you know what, if people sell it on EBAY who cares? The people who buy it on EBAY have projects they want to do, and will get it cheaper than if they had bought from the site. So in the end more people making things, and that was the whole point.
    SPARKFUN you made my day! And while I am not going to buy my $100 bucks of stuff today, you did give me a few hours, a few days, and a few weeks of imaging all the cool things I would do with that $100 of geeky fun.
    Congrats on "Free Day" it was a success.
    Glen McKnight

  • I mean it would have been a blink of the eye. And really all that anticipation would be gone... Imagine if you bought lottery tickets and all it did was print out a slip that said "you lost" for 99% of people.
    My personal journey was much more fun, I woke up 3 hours early this morning to start my day, drink coffee, wake up, so I could be ready. I rode my bike to work at 7:15 in the morning so I could make sure I was all set up. And then I joined the reloading maddness both on
    And Twitter was more fun and useful than it had ever been before, it was incredible to watch as everyone shared their collective experiences/heartache at making it though the checkout pages. We were all going though the same thing, without being trampled in the entryway to a Wal-Mart or standing in the freezing cold.

  • I want everyone to know how much Free Day meant to me, and I hope it meant the same to others.
    This was an incredibly fun/frustrating event. If it had just been some random coupon for 75% off, free shipping, or basically anything other than what they did, Free Day would have been another generic promotion.
    Sure some 100,000+ people didn't get anything, simple math told all of us that $100 out of $100,000 is only going to be about 1,000 orders. And in fact they were cool enough to let orders roll over that limit.
    As my favorite twitter post of the day said:
    "synthemesc: i wonder if anyone would have liked it more (or complained less) if @sparkfun free day took 25 seconds instead."

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