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  • Oof. This is very cool but it is not safe. The AD8221 used for direct connection to the skin probes in this design does not protect against any faults. There should be a minimum of 1x 180k resistor on each pin (1 and 2) in series with the signal to guard against faults in the device or similar. (To avoid unintentional current going through user/patient.) My reason for saying 180k is the medical requirement at single fault of limiting current to 50uA. Assuming 9v is max potential available due to ground being applied to patient and a +/- 9v topology being used for batterys, 9v/50uA is 180k. (No need to split this in two since the single fault aspect is already taken care of in the event voltage is available on pin 1 or 4.)

    I'd feel much safer if this was put in place. Without it I'd never connect this to myself or any child. Please consider a v4...

  • Which in turn make it's torque-curve drop of faster making it slower.

  • I found that by using a smooth accelleration curve I can run mine at 600 rpm with 26v supply.
    It's clear though that SparkFun should be selling a 2 or 2.5 amp version...

  • Umm. "The higher the voltage, the higher the torque." ?
    That's not really correct now is it.
    The current defines the torque, and current is set by the current limiter.
    The voltage however defines the velocity the steps are done at. The higher the voltage, the higher max step-rate. Current, speed and torque are linked though.

  • The connector sparkfun sells is bottom contact. This means you flip the display and fold it back to see it. It also means you need top contact version of the led backlight connector as it is flipped in regards to the main connector.
    609-1847-1-ND from digikey is top contact version.
    Sparkfun! Stock this!!!

  • I am glad atleast some got something they needed.
    The shutdown at 8am kicked me and the others I know in Norway off the server and we could never log back in so that ended our chances. Noticing now that not a single order came from Norway is no surprise.
    I do agree with those suggesting that there should have been more of a reseller/freeloader-deterrent in the offer. That would have curbed the traffic a bit and allowed anyone to complete their order regardless of distance to server or bottleneck of connection. If it then turned out to be free, they'd be very happy. Otherwise atleast they wouldn't have wasted 2 hours without even getting a normal order in.
    I just hope I'll atleast get my last order that was supposedly shipped the 10'th december. So far it's looking bleek. (Stupid x-mas mail probably clogging up the works!)

  • How fast is it?
    Like, with a standard Kingston or Sandisk card?

  • Banner now sais January 7'th ?

  • How do we know if we get the discount???

  • For anyone that may wonder:
    As has been stated, the issue here is poor documentation.
    We have contradicting datasheet vs appnote vs state cam is in when booted.
    We also have multiple registers documented or otherwise that have to be adjusted to suit the resolution you select.
    That said, it is possible to get data from it and I have successfully grabbed both 1280x960 and the maximum 1280x1024 from the camera. The quality of the images are as of yet appaling due to the forementioned registers.
    I am sure that with the right settings this cam would be suitable for high powered mcu's like the AVR32. (I am using AVR32 on NGW100.)

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