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  • Bill from Adafruit tackled this very issue in a trio of articles that I found a great example of Object Oriented Programming.

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

  • I wish the bar was refreshing automatically I don’t know how many off those I did before finding out it was over with.

  • Found it and that was the problem. I am talking to the screen now but when I generate a vertical line above the value of 59 I get a weird horizontal line at 60. Using an arduino to send the serial.

  • Hello, I bought this adapter with the HUGE 160x128 screen. I cant seem to find the Solder bridge. That is my last hope that the adapter comes set for the smaller screen. I have it hooked up to the screen right and triple checked the code going to the backpack.
    Using a logic probe the backpack is reciving. I see the lcd screen dim for a split second when I send the code but nothing happends. Sending the demo code.

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