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  • Some research identifies the processor 38326A54WV as perhaps being made by Renesas - HD64338326XXXWV.

    8mhz 8bit.

    may have been replaced by 38327 - http://documentation.renesas.com/eng/products/mpumcu/rej09b0144_h83827r.pdf

    Pin 10 is listed as timer output, but given the orientation of the chip (pin 1 at beveled corner 1-10 along bottom) I think your pin 10 is actually 71 and 70 is RXD. Pin 69 is SCK. You may need to clock data in. Pin 72 is an IRQ, perhaps chip requires an interrupt to read?

    There is another io port on the other side, pins 21-23.

  • Reminds me of the early days of W. L. Gore & Associates. The (very) simplified version of their philosophy is "Make money, Have fun". They were founded on the principals of openness and individual freedom and were able to keep the open culture even as the grew. I hope SparkFun can also.

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