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  • I would go for the questions, the have 10 mini tutorials on everything you need to know. It really is very basic stuff, like types of diodes, and analog to digital conversion. Study up and get a full 100$, instead of $10 ;P.

  • What time of the day does this start, 12 in the morning? And can you have a shopping kart already made, and then just check out?

  • Also, what soldering iron do most sparkfun employees use, im assuming you know your good irons unlike me(13 years old and using crappy radioshack irons). ;)

  • On the website it acually pictures a different iron that goes down to 200C. Am i going to get this one or that one. http://www.aoyue.com/en/ArticleShow.asp?ArticleID=328

  • I don't get it in the specs it clearly states 428-896F, but the Hakko website, and the station itself state 392-896F. Is this just a typo or what?

  • What is the best size to get this in, .5mm, or .79mm?

  • Really? The US navy standards say that lead solder is to be soldered at 650F and unleaded at 700F. The sparkfun iron doesn't even go as low as 360-390F.

  • thats also why it says 100-180 mcd, cuz they do emit ome visible light

  • you really dont need eye protection, im sure everbody has looked at the sun once before and it has an intensity per square ft. much higher than an led, what is dangerous is when you end up staring at one without knowing it for like a minute, but even that causes no more damage then staring at a regular led for the same period, plus, these do emit a little regular light, look at the picture

  • 1.yes but when you combine 200 people all on different machines, 200 watts turns into 40000 watts, 40 kilowatts, thats a hell of alot.
    2.exmple-automotive alternator
    3.simple, have a system like your bike dynamo, little wheel touching main wheel.
    4.who needs to store it? have the dynamo(s) feed a switched mode psu of 90+ efficiency with an adjustable current limiter which feeds a building universal inverter in sync with the grid. you would litteraly be hooked up to the grid directly through the current limiter(so you dont end up having a 10 giga watt load on your machiine). to adjust difficulty you adjust the current limiter, more current, more effort
    5.scan your gym id linked a credit card in the machine before a workout. it would be liked to the power co. of your choice, and would keep track of your monthly output and at the end of the month, they would subtract 90-95% of it from your powerbill, and 5-10% from the fitness center's bill
    6.talk to the power co about your idea, set up a deal through the power co and a fitness center, they could communicate through the internet and use your existing membership account