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  • Nice, if you want to use it as an ardruino, it it has breakouts for two analog inputs! That pretty much resolves all my complaints.

  • Yeah, if you look in the manual you'll see that it will charge Lead Acid batteries.

  • So which one is the original? The Accucell-6 claims to be.

  • Has anybody used one of these on a small lead acid battery, such as the 12v batteries used in alarm systems?

  • Could someone tell me what value resistor R3 is supposed to be? Mine just went up in smoke.

  • Is the plastic supposed to peel off the display? Mine is starting to come off at the corners, but I'm not sure if it's just protective or actually functional :)

  • It's a shame that this thing doesn't have mounting holes. It would also be nice if the RX, VCC, and GND pins were adjacent to each other, rather than on the opposite side of the board. It would make it cleaner to wire up for those not using SPI.
    This display could make a nice arduino clone is they brought out TX and a couple other pins. It would also be nice if it had a crystal.
    This display does seem to work well so far. It's bigger and easier to read than I expected. It's going in a racecar as a GPS speedo and lap timer, so we'll see how it holds up to heat.

  • I'm kind of confused by the description. Does it work up to 115200 or 38400?

  • The picture, description, datasheet, and schematic are all of an older version of this board. The unit I received from Sparkfun is this: http://www.olimex.com/dev/avr-p20.html

  • What is the input range for the voltage regulator? It'd be nice to be able to connect it directly to a LiPo battery.
    Another question... has anyone tried logging to flash at 10hz?

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