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  • Yes - it is generally pretty easy to stencil both sides. On my boards the “bottom” components are all small parts like resistors and capacitors - all the big stuff is on the top.
    I stencil, stuff, and solder the bottom side first, then stencil, stuff, and solder the top side. When I’m soldering the top side in the oven the solder’s surface tension (the same good thing that makes parts align themselves) holds the bottom side parts on.
    Moving the board before it is cool can knock parts off the bottom, but otherwise it has been reliable for me. Early on, before I believed in the force, I used glue under the bottom parts but it was very hard to put down the tiny amount required and if too much glue was put on it interfered with soldering.
    If I have an oddball big part on the bottom that I can’t avoid I do everything else then hand solder the special part.
    One caveat, I do use a ProtoFlow oven which is very gentle moving the boards in and out - the jostling a board gets going into and out of a toaster oven might be too much.

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