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  • I don't understand the "The serial interface is a bit odd (it's RS232 instead of standard TTL)" I looked at the data sheet and it says the UART levels are 0 and 5 volts. That is TTL. RS232 standard +-(3 to 15) volt.. (bipolar). So, shouldn't I be able to interface it to an Arduino UART, which uses 0 to 5 volts without the need for an RS232 level shifter such as a MAX232?.. Please let me know if I am wrong about this.

  • At power up, using TeraTerm, I am getting WiF,WiF,WiF,WiF,WiF,WiF,WiF,WiF, streaming in. And I type $$$ and nothing changes just get the WiF,WiF,WiF, coming in non stop.. What can be causing this?

  • In regard to the romantic lighting sensor in Chapter 4, something really confuses me in so far as which XBee is which. Here is one example...
    On page 95 it says, "your coordinator radio must use the API firmware.. because I/O data is delivered only in API mode. So that means that the coordinator is the one doing the A to D conversions, right? However on page 98 under "Configure your router XBee" item 12 says to "Enter ATD02 to put pin 0 in analog mode". That makes it sound like the router is doing the A to D... Am I missing something?

  • I agree with you dav1dr4y,, The description should be changed to something like that.

  • The description says "all the pieces you need to work through the examples in this book."...
    However, on the very first example in the book (Basic ZigBee Chat), on page 50, in the list of items need is "Two XBee USB adapter boards".
    However this kit only has one XBee Explorer USB, so I can not even do the first example in the book, much less all of them.. bummer.

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