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  • As I interpret the docs, the 2g mode is always 10 bit. In the high res mode 4g is 11 bit, 8g is 12 bit and 16g is 13 bit. This gives you a consistent resolution over the entire range. The g values are plus and minus and the data is two’s complement so you are losing one bit for a sign.

  • I have been working with the XL345 and a Parallax Propeller controller. It’s been frustrating to say the least. I am programming in assembly using two wire SPI to communicate. I have been able, at times, to consistently return a device ID and also data from the X-axis, but no sooner does it start to make sense and then nothing. I have been through my timing code to ensure I have a symmetric clock signal and it looks correct. This has also been done without a scope though. It is weird, it will start working for no apparent reason, then I continue working on my code and then it just quits. My clock is at about 2Mhz, which should work, but I will slow it down and see what it does. The documentation from AD could have used some more examples!

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