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  • Both the 165 and 595 take some input and provide some output. The 165 is a parallel in, serial out chip. It's reads 8 input lines and serially shifts them out. The 595 is a serial in, parallel out chips. It shifts in 8 'states' and sets 8 output lines accordingly.

    From the perspective of creating more IO lines, the 165 is useful for creating more input lines, thus it's an 'input' device. The 595 is useful for creating more output lines, thus it's an 'output' device.

  • Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. The level of effort involved in getting an RaspberryPi/webcam/OpenCV config up and running is far more significant than getting this CMUcam4/Arduino config up and running. On the flip side, the capabilities of the Pi setup will be far more significant than the Arduino setup as well.

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    Come on guys, what's up with this IMU?

  • Sparkfun feature list says 70ma current, datasheet says 44ma current.
    Either way, I wouldn't recommend powering it directly from an output pin.

  • Given that there is literally a ton of 'duino' prior art (not to mention, as you said, prior art of 'netduino' itself), that trademark would never be enforceable in the courts.
    That's not to say it's completely worthless. It can still be used to intimidate smaller entities that don't have the resources to take it to court.

  • Depends on your definition of 'shoot' really. It's unlikely this solenoid would be able to propel a metal ball with any velocity high enough to qualify for my definition of shoot.

  • So is Sparkfun going to sell Gameduinos?

  • The recommended method of driving relays with the Arduino (or any microcontroller really):<br />
    <br /><br />
    <br />

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