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  • I don't know what was "exciting", "entertaining", "incredible", "fun", etc., about 2 hours of browser time-outs. IMO it was annoying at best. While the promotion seemed like a good idea on paper a month ago, the actual "sale" left a bad taste in my mouth which is now going to result in lost sales for you.
    I've purchased from Sparkfun before, but the general annoyance I feel after this is going to keep me away. The things I wanted today but couldn't buy will be purchased from some of my other favorite vendors.
    To make it worse, all the self-praise the Sparkfun has cranked out for itself in the above text is just obnoxious considering that nothing worked today, except for about 1000 people. I haven't seen such out-of-touch self promotion since the MS Windows Vista launch a few years ago.

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