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Swedish Viking finding myself living in the United States and working at a very interesting place called SparkFun.


IT Tester Robot Extraordinaire

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University of Wyoming - Computer Science


If you find them, you’re good. And probably slightly creepy.


Can we somehow transform and take advantage of all that energy wasted inside gyms across the country?

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  • On that topic, we’re not quite out of the woods yet considering the anti-net-neutrality stuff going on in Congress right now. It’s possible we’ll have something on this down the line, but right now IT is insanely busy.

  • For me it was a screwdriver and a broken RC police car at age 5… and then I stuck the wires from the lights into the wall outlet because obviously that’s how you get them to light up.

    On the positive side, I never did anything like that again. On the negative side… this was in the mid-80s, so there’s no youtube.

  • If you get us a $10 Million service contract on Sparkle, we’ll train you to install it, Rich. We’ll also make you answer the phones to support it for whatever non-SparkFun business you shoehorn it into.

    Sparkle may be an impressive piece of software overall, but it’s not ready for other people’s use case yet.

    Edit: I know you weren’t serious - but I don’t want anybody to get ideas. [imagine an angry emoji here]

  • All I was saying is to examine the process.

    Which is what the post is about us doing. :) There’s development work going on (parts of which are already in use) that greatly streamlines this, but until we’re 100% sure everything works as intended (software and new manual processes), we’re just being careful not to let any battery mistakes through.

  • Correct, and once your company grows to a certain size, more people pay attention to what you do and how you do it. It doesn’t take many battery mistakes (whether caused by a person or a computer) to get your shipping account shut down. I think you’re hosed after 3 errors in six months or something - and a mistake could be to put a LiPo sticker on box with a Li Ion battery in it, for example.

    With tens of thousands of packages being sent out from here in that time frame, we have to be pretty darn anal about batteries.

  • Look at those stick-figure limbs! She’s not actually eating that pizza.

    To be fair, those are words my sister’s had to listen to for almost 30 years now and she’s never had problems with not eating enough.

  • When you say “identical in every way,” are you actually talking about same brand and everything, because it’s not like we’ve marked this product up a lot from what I can see? I know nothing about this actual product and similar products from competitors, but if I look only at pricing compared to what we pay, this definitely isn’t an outlier in any way. If we could get these for anywhere near $6, we’d be all over it.

  • Yeah, there’s really no contest there.

  • Last Christmas I gave an SIK both to my brother and my brother-in-law. Then I essentially lured them into competing with each other as to who could get through the whole thing first. Turns out my brother had an unfair advantage as he’s worked as an electrician for 25 or so years, while my brother-in-law’s gourmet chef experience really didn’t help at all.

  • and xilinx chips

    Oh man, you’ve got him going now…

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