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Can we somehow transform and take advantage of all that energy wasted inside gyms across the country?

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  • Sure, that’s definitely one of many solutions we could use. This obviously happened after we had already implemented a filter feature, though, and truth be told, we have a looooooong list of other features that our time is better spent working on. :)

  • Speaking of which, thank you for all the work you do on the forums! It’s very much appreciated.

  • While sales obviously drive our business (please buy all the things from us!), we want our community to include those who are only just starting to learn and aren’t necessarily ready to buy stuff yet (and who may never buy from us, for that matter). Then there are those who choose to purchase our parts through our distributor network to avoid expensive shipping and customs fees, and the ones who get things gifted to them.

    I’d rather a person who gets gifted a part can tell there’s a problem with a datasheet through the comments, than making them jump through hoops to get to the responsible engineer’s attention.

  • For the record, we also already have a comment filter in place where we essentially just enter a regex for certain words/whatever. Took us forever to figure out how they got through said filters before we realized they inserted non-printing characters in the middle of URLs and stuff, leading to beautiful regexes.

    I was going to paste one of them in here before I realized it would be filtered out by one of the other regexes and this comment wouldn’t show up. :)

  • Oscopes in hand

    That’d be engineering, not SWIT. SWIT’s more likely to set up Jenkins on your OpenStack instance than using an oscilloscope. We’d probably bust you for trying to add too many things to your cart, or for trying to hack our secret admin panel (not going to help you find it).

    Edit: I can see what you’re up to!

  • What’s wrong with Rockies fans, aside from eternal optimism and savagely dashed hopes?

  • One day we’ll show you the beard of the developer named Ross, and you guys will completely lose it.

  • I think Nate’s motorcycle fits in the elevator.

  • I know Rich (our CFO) has talked about sharing numbers before on our blog and maybe we still will. We’re obviously very open with the things we do, but I’m not sure just how open we can be with something like that. I have the numbers, but until Nate or Rich decide to share them, all I can really say is that Nate’s right about SparkFun doing well.

  • I think most of us at SparkFun just want Nate to be happy doing what he wants to do. Like he described in the blog post, as a CEO, he can’t spend a vast majority of his work hours actually working on projects rather than worrying about everything else at SparkFun. In a way, Nate’s also doing exactly what you’re saying - he’s delegating all CEO tasks to somebody else while remaining the owner of SparkFun. ;)

    I also highly doubt anybody here cares about the age/gender/ethnicity/sexuality of the person hired - heck, I’ve never had a problem with Nate being younger than me (alright, almost true - I sometimes wonder what would’ve happened if I had decided to do something productive rather than spend all those hours in my early 20s playing Civilization). As long as they fit in culturally and are able to fulfill whatever’s required of a CEO at SparkFun, both internally and externally, I’ll be happy.

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