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  • Yes!!! I have series of remote 100% solar installs (think 1.7kW solar and 400Ah batteries) and need remote monitoring of power consumption. Our MPPT charge controller will accurately tell me voltage, but the output current is +/- 20%!

  • Does anyone have either: a) An Eagle library with these in them, so I can make a mounting board b) The size of the terminal, so I can purchase a quick connect-disconnect or crimp shroud?

    I love these things, and we are using them by the dozen, but I need a better way of connecting 9 at a time, instead of looping wires & hand-soldering!!

  • it IS 10 mbps only, and 100 isn't supported. Had an issue at work where the switch wasnt set up to handle 10 mbps traffic and I couldn't see the device at all. Major heart attack moment there.

  • The horizontal (along each spring lock) spacing is 0.1". However, there are two row of pins that are 0.2" apart. Check the datasheet.

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