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  • For those who want to get around using the default software, there is some helpful discussion about RS232 meters here.

    See in particular the comments for that post; a few people went to quite some effort deciphering different protocols. I don't know if that will cover this specific meter, but it would be a good point to start looking.

  • That's nuts, can anybody else confirm this? At that current you wouldn't be able to use the recommended wall adapter.
    There is no mention of current draw in any of the documentation as far as I can tell.

  • This has been discussed on the forum, the issue is indeed that the inductor is underrated. See details and workarounds at:

  • Adapter worked nicely for me as well.
    As a heads up there is some slight ambiguity in the datasheet for this part. To read from memory you send 22 address bits in 3 bytes (24 bits). It is not explicitly stated that remaining two bits go at the START, so you're sending:
    2 dud bits
    12 bit page address
    10 bit byte address
    =24 bits in 3 bytes
    Maybe I'm the only one got confused over it =)

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