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  • I'm adding 5 of these on one arduino, and planned on powering them from a digital pin. I am assuming that too much current for a single arduino digital pin. I am not super at electronics, so I was wondering if anyone had advice on an example circuit to power the vcc pin on all 5? I would normally go for a transistor as a switch, but given the vcc pin just goes to one probe pin, I am a bit uncertain how to wire that up, as usually a transistor as a switch powers the vcc to a device (such as an led) then a gnd comes out of the device and into the collector of a npn transistor, but that doesnt seem to work here... any suggestions?

  • I was a kickstarter backer of the original Pixy, and they had said face detection was 'coming soon'. As far as I know, it never happened. Will the pixy2 support face tracking?

  • Got the paste earlier this week and did some reflowing today. It is indeed horrible. The top layer of the paste when I first opened the jar was this thick rubbery layer, like the paste is quite old!

    My results were very similar to FelixR's, having little splatters all over between pads!

  • I'm unclear what the purpose of the project is? I mean, I am all for just doing "cool hacks", but if someone were to want to build the project, it would be nice to know what its does. :)

    Is the idea to have a perpetual video feed above something/some place?

    30 feet and only 10 minutes on a tether, seems like batteries can meet or exceed that - wirelessly... further away...

    Please help me get my head around the project!

  • Any chance of getting an SMD version of this to complete the SMD parts required for an arduino clone. You carry everything else required to make an SMD arduino, just need these!

  • Is there different prize pools for airplane vs (multi)rotor? Any other difference for the two types of vehicles?

    Or are all "flying things" treated as one single group of vehicles?

    FPV racing anyone??

  • I see there is no back EMF diodes across the mosfet control pins, meaning this wouldn't be able to be used (without adding our own diode) to control coil type applications, such as solenoids and relay coils, correct?

  • I know the product name says "blank" but I am wondering if thats just the physical front of the card. IE, is there any data written to the mag strip when the cards are sent?
    I think it would be really cool to have random identifiers on the cards so that someone building a project only needs to buy the reader and a set of cards without having to purchase the much more expensive writer.

  • Great video. One suggestion - maybe show some sample arduino code on how to talk to the sensor. I know there are different communication styles, but perhaps just pick a basic one so viewers can get a sense of how easy/difficult it actually is to talk to these sensors.

  • Anyone know how precise these things are?
    I have an object that is 5 lbs but can go up to 7 lbs. I would like to know the difference in at least 1 oz increments. Can this do it?

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