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  • It’s good to know that the electronics workers of China are willing to sacrifice their health and futures so that we can have cheap hacker toys.

    SF needs to find more humane suppliers.

    What is it that you want SparkFun's suppliers to do, exactly -- replace the workers, with machines? This sounds rather inhumane: the workers already have the option of not working, and starving to death. The fact that they choose to work for this particular factory, means that other jobs that are available to them, are worse.

    The reality is -- these are good jobs, by Chinese standards. The workers have choices: there are many employers competing for their labor. The law of supply and demand is steadily driving the price of labor (=worker's wages) up. The standard of living in China is rapidly rising, and as the workers get richer, they are demanding better working conditions.

    If you try to force this process (by boycotting the companies, or demanding legislative action), you will cause much harm to the very people that you care about. When Nike yielded to the pressure from activist groups to stop doing business with "sweatshops" employing children, many of them turned to prostitution. Good intentions are not enough, you must consider the unintended consequences.

    I find it mildly amusing, and rather annoying, that the folks who get on the moral high horse and demand better working conditions for people in third world countries, don't know the first thing about what it takes to run a business. Get off your butt, start a company, and run it according to your definitions of "humane" and "socially responsible". Nate founded SparkFun in his one-bedroom apartment. Your excuse is invalid.

  • Not one that is available to the public. However, if you have the J1939 spec and can write software, it's a pretty straightforward task.

  • Sparkfun: the datasheet on this page is correct (Rev B), but googling "STN1110 datasheet" brings up Rev A:


    Could you please delete the old revision from your server? It already got some people in trouble.


  • The vast majority of CAN peripherals do not expose the SOF or CRC (although if the CRC is wrong, the STN1110 will append "DATA ERROR").

    This is what the standard request/response looks like:


    18 DA F1 10 8 06 41 00 BE 1B 30 13 00

    This is 29-bit CAN, with headers (ATH1) and DLC (ATD1) turned on. You can see the CAN Id (18DAF110), DLC (8), PCI (06), and the data (4100BE1B3013). The last byte (00) is padding.

    You can expect to see this exact response if you connect the Sparkfun OBD board to an ECUsim 2000.


  • Yes, the STN1110 works with ISO11898 @ 100 kbps.

  • A major firmware update (v3.1.0) is available: http://www.scantool.net/downloads/updates/stn1110/

  • A major firmware update (v3.1.0) is available:


  • Google "ECUsim 2000"

  • A team from Ireland that used this board, went on to win the Microsoft Imagine Cup and claim the $25k prize:

  • You can read vehicle speed (010D), and integrate it over time.

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