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  • This is exactly the info I'm looking for so thanks for asking for me :) Can you share some info about your project with me? I'm trying to 5V battery pack my redbot so I can also run a Pi Zero W. I was inspired by a kickstarter mini Opportunity Rover from Plumgeek where arduino and Pi are meant to work seemlessly together. Essentially the redbot is a bit bigger and I thought I'd try to duplicate the concept on this platform.

  • Wow, the workmanship on this is awesome. Great job!

  • Could someone recommend a good motor driver for this chassis? I think for some chassis such as Redbot this is self-explanatory but for someone like me who is looking for a bit more oomph and customizability than Redbot, but still is an amateur, it would be real helpful to have some suggestions on motor controllers for a more open-ended selection such as this.

    Someone in the comments linked to this one: SparkFun Motor Driver - Dual TB6612FNG (1A)

    This says it will drive 2 motors, but this chassis has 4. It's likely most people will configure this chassis to run each side of motors independently (left vs. right). Is it kosher to just hook up the motors to an output on the motor driver board in parallel? Two motors per output channel? Is that a no-no? Newbie needs help!

    I know there are newer selections for chassis here at Sparkfun, but this one intrigues me as it could run outside over various terrain easily, has a decent amount of space for components, yet still is affordable.

  • This seems really cool but reading the instructions it would appear that it can only support .75fps for "video" (preview mode) ... so, less than 1 frame per second. I am looking for a wireless (hopefully wifi via wifly) solution to get video for a telerobotic project. I think this is maybe a bit too hopeful for arduino?
    Still a cool little device...

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