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  • There are some good tutorials about using the keyfob with an Arduino based sensor board and another MSP430 senor board here
    and here

  • On second thought I wouldn't buy this board because the designer made some very odd changes to the radio frontend layout, in particular the balanced output lines from the radio are not symmetrical or even the same length! Also, the transmission line from the balun/filter to the SMA connector feedpoint looks like the wrong width for 50Ohm impedance (it's short though so that will have a limited effect). I'm sceptical about the miters as well, I would not be surprised if that section coupled some RF energy into ground and introduced some additional reflections (bad). I'd expect the radio performance to be derated compared to the reference design. RF frontends involve a lot of black magic, expensive simulators, testing and re-testing so it's foolish to make random changes without reason!
    It would be nice if somebody does some proper test, not just range but also senstivity, filter response etc.
    Also the Nordic SDK does not have a free licence so you need to buy the commercial SDK etc.

  • As far as I know the only attempt to program this module with the SDCC compiler has been made here:

  • I have got the board working also with the chip antenna.
    If somebody wants some email me, I ship worldwide.
    There's more on my blog:

  • The breakout board will be available to order soon on my website:
    I was trying to put it on batchpcb but I'm not a USA resident and the system does not allow me to sell anything.
    Sigh Sob!
    You can watch the pcb.

  • Yes you can why not? You just need to program the SAM7 to decode the 2 byte sequence.

  • I have done a breakout board for my project.
    Should I put it through the BatchPCB so that people can order it?
    I have used it for my ArduinoPro Mini but you can use it with any other 3.3 V device.
    To interface with a 5V Arduino you need to use a level shifter.
    The next design i'm doing is to include the antenna on the PCB rather then using a wire.

  • How did you program it by ISP?
    From the schematic the ISP pin out has 3.3 V on the Vcc but my AVR ISP programmer outputs 5.0 Vcc.
    I'm new with the AVR chips.
    Should I exclude the 5.0 Vcc from the programmer and use the on board 3.3 V regulated from the USB?

  • I wrote some code to read that register but I cannot test it at the moment because I don't have an AVR programmer but it must be something like:
    Also before calling this the manual says to enable the RX mode and then wait Tstby2a+Tdelay_AGC=130us+40us.
    If somebody can test and program this code it will be great!

  • I'm playing with 2 Nordic Key Fobs + the the interface board then nRF24L01 on ubuntu.
    It works great.
    It will be good to send also the RPD (received power detector on register 09 bit 0) to the serial so that the programmer can also do proximity sensing.

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