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  • Product DEV-11868 | about 9 months ago

    Someone really needs to make a Pi case with a mount for the camera module built in.

  • Product ROB-10336 | about 3 years ago

    Looks like the Pololu TReX Jr. might be a good match for this, two channels up to 5A, one driving each side?
    Could add to the related section.

  • Tutorial - LS20031 GPS Assembly Guide | about 4 years ago

    I was also having the issue where the speed and date are not updated.
    The raw NMEA messages output from the Quick test sketch are fine, so the problem is either in TinyGPS or NewSoftSerial.
    With the test_with_gps_device sketch it looks like a lot of characters are getting dropped, so no GPRMC messages are being parsed, and so the speed and date are never updated. The displayed numbers are the ‘invalid’ indicators. This is probably because of the high baud rate.
    The suggestion from smremde to increase the NewSoftSerial buffer size helped, but nss.overflow() still returns true, indicating that data from the GPS is still being dropped.
    I changed test_with_gps_device to use the h/w serial port instead (like the Quick test), and found that worked better. The date/speed are reported, and it does not seem to be dropping data. The downside is you are sharing the h/w serial port with the PC so you have to disconnect the GPS to upload sketches.
    Hope this helps other with the same issue.

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