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  • It’s disappointing that Sparkfun are still listing this board. If there is a replacement board available, great how do I order one…. if there isn’t I’d like to suggest that sparkfun remove this listing.
    If a functional board isn’t available, when will one be available.

  • No Joy. I noticed that the digital power pin isn’t connected and if I put a CRO on it I notice that the voltage on the digital power pin is decaying to zero volts when I attempt to communicate to it.
    The XCLR pin which is internally connected to the digital power pin is following the same pattern.
    The sparkfun wiring example indicates that the device should be powered by 5volts. This is in excess of the absolte max in the Bosch data sheet (4.25V).
    What has everyone else been using to power this device?
    Are there any breakout boards available with pin 4 (digital power pin) connected?

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