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  • This was a stupid computer trick. We were all lined up outside the website, like at Wal-Mart at 5:00 am in the morning for a limited number of door busters.
    Well, no surprise when the doors opened it was a total virtual chaos. It was just the blind luck of the internet draw to determined who got in. It certainly wasn't those who showed up at the start time. The home page loaded exactly twice in 45 minutes and I never got to the shopping cart.
    What started out as a reward to the loyal customers, turned into a lottery with most people holding a losing ticket. It sure doesn't make me want to click the buy button after I can get into the website (only after the free stuff was gone) from my shopping cart.
    Next time, offer something like 50% off up to a total of $200 for the whole day. This scales much better. This how everybody else does promotions.

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