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  • 1) Are these isolated from - or - grounded to the sheath? 2) "Temperature Range: 0-400°C" - what limits the high temp spec to 400°C? 3) "The probe itself is only 200mm (7.8in) long" - so, how long are the lead wires?

    Excellent price for a sheathed thermocouple!

  • Well...
    I think all of you guys who are complaining about LAZY need to write your code in HEX or Binary and build your circuits out of discrete components (I mean Rs, Cs & Transistors). No Assembler or Compiler and by no means NO Integrated Circuits of any kind, that would just be too LAZY.
    Just look at this as yet another layer of abstraction. It lets you concentrate on the objective without distraction.
    Good Job SparkFun!

  • It's just the lawyers looking for a way to justify their absurd salaries.
    I'm not confused.
    At least I wasn't until SUN began to create confusion.
    NO! ... I'm sure, I'm not confused!!

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