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  • Just noticed the 1K resistor IS in fact in the PDF, so that is up-to-date as the current board revision, it’s just the hardcopy with the 10k. That’s expected, especially when you’re including nice glossy color inserts, need to use up the old ones before you print/include new ones.

  • My kit came with a 1k pullup resistor, not the 10k resistor mentioned in the hardcopy instructions (and a component that doesn’t exist on the version of the circuit board in the pdf document). I realize the kit is often used in hands-on classes where there’s an instructor to answer the questions, but maybe a “things we’ve updated” doc would help?
    I also managed to mangle the 22uH conductor, and had one of the 0.1 uF capacitors disappear on my worktable after slipping off the circuit board during assembly, I’ll mail customer service to see if I can get the part numbers to replace them.

  • I bought several of these, and one mysteriously came set to 57600. I kept trying to change the baud rate, unsuccessfully. Tried to change another to 57600 so I’d have two with the same baud rate, and instead, it set it to 4800. There’s definitely something fishy with the baud rate command.

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