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  • A tip to simplify this project: leave the original conector and use one of these USB Micro-B Cable - 6"

  • The RedBoard is b(l)ack!

  • Thank you very much! I really appreciate that!

  • Maybe I misunderstood the user guide in the serial communication section, but seems that I can not change the volume of a single file while it's playing. It's correct? In the application that I would like to create, an external micro controller should be able to simultaneously start two or three audio file and in real time change the volume of each track, not only of the overall volume output. So I need to perform some sort of cross-fading or real time volume adjust. A little extra could be the possibility to turn on / off the power speaker via the serial interface. This board can do this?

  • sParkFunSaur

  • Human-powered stacked dual core processor

  • Ah, ok, you are from UK. UK uses a different approach in many many things compared to the rest of Europe... The rest of Europe is quite more standarized. I don't know local law, but in most countries in Europe a local reseller can't sell goods using wrong plug, but is perfectly legal for a single customer to buy a device outside Europe with whatever plug. In this case (direct selling) seller does not commit crimes.

  • Yes. Even better choice... this plug can be easily plugged in both German CEE 7/4 socket and French CEE 7/5 without adapter, supports two type of earth connections, polarised connection (where available) etc...

    I don't understand what you are getting at. You are confirming that the plug shown in figure is quite a “standard European plug” because it plugs directly in most European countries...

  • Sparkfun has done ​​the right choice adopting "Schuko" ("CEE 7/4") plug, because it's de facto standard across Europe. In European countries that don't use them officially it's very easy to find an adapter and there are many houses that have both "national" and "international" outlets on walls. It's also a matter of minutes to change a plug... So, Sparkfun's choice embrace most European users as possible, using only a single plug. The most important thing is that these devices finally accept 230V.

  • This chip is known to have several issues, please look for patches at before using it

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