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  • I presume “unreasonable tools or interfaces” is why such things as the green array chips don’t make an appearance? (144 core mcu with free tools! : “wonderful!” Full documentation available, even in English!: “Totes handy!” All programming in the system is in Forth! “oh, that’s … interesting”)

  • The best for me (and alas, probably the worst to manage) would combine the ever-popular headers-in-the-bag with an add-on “solder them for me” service.

    Yeah - I’m pretty certain that there’s fulfillment and staffing headaches there. But some days it would be super awesome (apologies to Sylvia) if I could have the headers soldered for around $2/item (straight .1" headers) or $5/item (annoying smt things), or maybe $15 (.1")/ $25(smt) for an order (order goes to “soldering” between “picking” and “shipping” - maybe less of a workflow hassle than per item?)

  • I believe that they are located within a jurisdiction that has an inventory tax. This can create a surprisingly large risk reduction on the benefit side of a full inventory. It also keeps accountants happy and reduces “dust build-up” in the warehousing area.

  • Perhaps cereal arsonist? I mean, look at that field…

  • Now! Now I am ready show how to mow this lawn!

    And ready to call the fire department. Just in case…

  • On the dive - I missed out due to ticking “credit card” instead of “stored card”. So instead I made a clearance sale order for similar effect … and ended up with a cart at close to 72% off, and all stuff that I know I will use. A great fallback in my book, so no skin off my nose missing out.

    Now get to decide what gets the CUHead DNLA audio capability (sale made it the same as a “small dive”: a fab deal). Currently the AM/FM/LP console with the tubes is in the lead (it has some RCA inputs in back), because more tubes and it’s winter, so curl up by the stereo for heat, eh?

  • Last wayback machine capture at 1 Sept 2010, but did not capture the tarballs,.

    On the upside, some source is still online at

  • Will not sit flush on standard protoboard: while the pins have standard spacing along the length of the rows, the rows are not spaced on a multiple of one-tenth-inch (data sheet says 22mm, and they may actually be so spaced). However, the long leads allow some flex so it works fine in a breadboard/perfboard/protoboard, just not flush mounted.

    Nice bright leds. Digit selection on ground, segment selection on Vcc. (Not saying anything about “cathode” or “anode” because I get them mixed up ever since a lecture about cats and cations in a chem class.)

  • Despite the lack of evidence in this thread, the new photos are a lot better (I still remember trying to interpret the originals). I appreciate the photo upgrade.

  • The video mentions “Low pile concrete over carpet”. Like this table? Seems like a lot of construction work to get an internal cutout from this board, but at least you can get the wool carpet pre-made: you can skip the shave-a-yak step!

    (Yes, internet sea lions, I understood the intent in the video: I hope you will understand that I’m so amused that in this particular case what was actually said also exists, that I wanted to share.)

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