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  • This actually answers a bunch of questions I had about how US rockets were aimed before LAPACK was written. Knowing the problems that are inside that she fully deserves the reputation that is usually (and sometimes correctly) associated with "rocket scientist": she has told how to throw a rock at a target 60 Earth radii away and ace the shot.

  • I presume "unreasonable tools or interfaces" is why such things as the green array chips don't make an appearance? (144 core mcu with free tools! : "wonderful!" Full documentation available, even in English!: "Totes handy!" All programming in the system is in Forth! "oh, that's ... interesting")

  • The best for me (and alas, probably the worst to manage) would combine the ever-popular headers-in-the-bag with an add-on "solder them for me" service.

    Yeah - I'm pretty certain that there's fulfillment and staffing headaches there. But some days it would be super awesome (apologies to Sylvia) if I could have the headers soldered for around $2/item (straight .1" headers) or $5/item (annoying smt things), or maybe $15 (.1")/ $25(smt) for an order (order goes to "soldering" between "picking" and "shipping" - maybe less of a workflow hassle than per item?)

  • I believe that they are located within a jurisdiction that has an inventory tax. This can create a surprisingly large risk reduction on the benefit side of a full inventory. It also keeps accountants happy and reduces "dust build-up" in the warehousing area.

  • Perhaps cereal arsonist? I mean, look at that field...

  • Now! Now I am ready show how to mow this lawn!

    And ready to call the fire department. Just in case...

  • On the dive - I missed out due to ticking "credit card" instead of "stored card". So instead I made a clearance sale order for similar effect ... and ended up with a cart at close to 72% off, and all stuff that I know I will use. A great fallback in my book, so no skin off my nose missing out.

    Now get to decide what gets the CUHead DNLA audio capability (sale made it the same as a "small dive": a fab deal). Currently the AM/FM/LP console with the tubes is in the lead (it has some RCA inputs in back), because more tubes and it's winter, so curl up by the stereo for heat, eh?

  • Last wayback machine capture at 1 Sept 2010, but did not capture the tarballs,.

    On the upside, some source is still online at

  • Will not sit flush on standard protoboard: while the pins have standard spacing along the length of the rows, the rows are not spaced on a multiple of one-tenth-inch (data sheet says 22mm, and they may actually be so spaced). However, the long leads allow some flex so it works fine in a breadboard/perfboard/protoboard, just not flush mounted.

    Nice bright leds. Digit selection on ground, segment selection on Vcc. (Not saying anything about "cathode" or "anode" because I get them mixed up ever since a lecture about cats and cations in a chem class.)

  • Despite the lack of evidence in this thread, the new photos are a lot better (I still remember trying to interpret the originals). I appreciate the photo upgrade.

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