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  • I will own those white “name” boxes for project purposes. They will be part of both planning and following lesson number one from Nate. They shall be blank, and receive (in pencil scribbles) the real use of the pins as used in the project. And that ref for what the pins could do will be just outside the plan being written… and debugged… and rewritten… and if it is ever final, there shall be a printable version, from a copy of the csv just for the use in that project.

    I see some time with grbl 0.9 pinouts coming this weekend… and maybe sending a pull request.

    A big thanks for open sourcing your work on this.

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  • Luigi debugs an attempt to use a wrench library to fix a BSOD (Blue Shell Of Death).

  • Quoting the linked product page:

    Standard Bluetooth Low Energy profiles supported: Embedded Bluetooth Stack Protocols and Profiles (Master/Slave) include: GAP, GATT, SMP, ATT, L2CAP, BAS, BLP, BLS, DIS, FMP, ANP, HIDS, HOGP, HID, HTP, HTS, HRP, HRS, IOP, IAS, LLS, PASP, PXP, SCPP, SCPS, TIP, TPS, and BRSP.

  • Sparkfun’s biohacker-in-residence at work.

  • The datasheet notes that the letter designating the intensity is on the “hack side of the package”. Leading to the obvious question: What are the other sides?

  • <hint>I can not find the sign: neither by looking under swag nor by searching (tried “bag”, “dog”, “poop”, and “sign”).</hint>

    (edited grammar for!)

  • “NoIR” meaning “black”, not “NoIR” meaning “No InfraRed”. For any other confused shoppers out there who have missed either their morning cup of tea or their lesson on the names of colours in French. (Took me a couple of readings to figure it out this morning.)

  • How bad of an idea is it to use this with a pair of zener’s and a high side current sense resistor? I’m guessing if the zeners match right (is that hard to get?), then they could keep the high end of the differential voltage under the Vcc-1.5V ceiling of this op-amp and allow current control with an uninterrupted ground line.

  • (Comment “deleted” since it was posted on wrong product.. it was meant for the op-amp tat this product uses.)

  • How many amps can this handle? I would like one that has some headroom on the specs, and my current projects call for 3A at 14V and 1.5A at 22V. I’m blinking LEDs bright enough to embroider by.

    (And why is the only documentation link a video? This fine morning there’s no datasheet link, and I’m at a computer without flash so I can’t watch the video. )

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