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RedBoard Qwiic Hookup Guide

January 10, 2019

This tutorial covers the basic functionality of the RedBoard Qwiic. This tutorial also covers how to get started blinking an LED and using the Qwiic system.
  • Parsec is another good option; especially, for gaming or viewing videos []. It is primarily designed to connect to a gaming host computer though (it should work with most mid-level PCs). I tested it with my work computer and was even able to work on SolidWorks (there were some quirks rotating objects, but nothing too bad) and stream a video at the same time without any issues on a Pi 3. I tested Parsec with Fortnite and PUBG with a Pi 3B+, the setup works fine if you lower your graphics and there is a small lag from the server connection (3-5 ms with Ethernet); overall very playable (I averaged 30-45 fps).

    The installation is extremely simple:

  • Support Tip: I recently had a customer contact us about the illumination profile of the RGB LED. These are the resistor values he recommended for an even illumination across the RGB colors.

    “I used a Texas Instruments OPT3001 to accurately measure the output as would be perceived by the human eye and used this information to create more appropriate resistors values: red: Lux=61.26; actual resistor value = 217 Ohms; Nominal resistor value = 220 Ohms green: Lux=55.24; actual resistor value = 4640 Ohms; Nominal resistor value = 4700 Ohms blue: Lux=53.34; actual resistor value = 2273 Ohms; Nominal resistor value = 2200 Ohms.”

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