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  • To all smart kids: do you know who is your N.1 enemy? Your professors. Unless they happen to have a job in the industry and teach for passion, they are often not very prepared, and they won't allow you to go beyond. So, study on www.khanacademy.org it can give you so much more!!!
    PS I know because I've been a professor in high school in the past... and my coworkers... well did not exactly had the goal to make the gifted kids "shine"...

  • If one takes class one the prev day, and already has the material, can he get a "discount" and use the previous day's hardware?

  • This translation thing is the biggest waste of time and resources there is! I just hope it won't divide communities and create "national" groups that won't talk to each other, especially when one has to search on the web for help! Please Sparkfun do not waste time on translations!
    PS my first language is not English but I think the effort to learn it is so important! Let's use the "information era" to tear down barriers, not to keep them up! And for people living in Quebec that "need" boxes printed in their language, come on don't make me laugh...

  • On Thursdays? Come on guys one count is to fly over for the weekend like I did for the Arduino class, another is to take almost a full week off from work because the class is held in the middle of the week :(

  • "non-invasive 30A current sensor"
    You must have read my mind, I thought of a project involving a similar sensor just that last week.

  • Well, get on a plane (SW has good fares) and come to Boulder. I am in the hotel right now tomorrow I will attend the class...

  • As Nathan explained at the maker's fair in 2009 it is stupid to think lead-free solder is harmless. Back then the SMD class was done with leaded solder, and I for sure will use leaded one that is OK for hobbyists, leaving rohs stuff for large manufacturers

  • Is there a cheap and recommended place to stay Friday and Saturday night for who is considering flying to Colorado for the class and a little sightseeing?

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