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  • I'm getting an error compiling this for my redboard. I got newest arduino IDE and have the library. Getting bare minimum error message so not sure what's going on. Any ideas?

  • I got a couple 1 cent boards and I made the "mistake"?! Of telling my woman that you guys were having a sale on boards for a penny! Well it wasn't a mistake she ended up with better stuff than me! So I(she) got a Lillypad which I've wanted to mess with and the Lilly twinkle kit (that is going on something for her, for buying from Sparkfun!) I told quite a few people about it and I know for sure a guy from India was really mad he couldn't get in on it(server issues) Since the rupee to dollars isn't too great and he has been wanting an Arduino forever! I would say next time rent server time or something or make it only so many per hour available and make it an all day thing! Instead of the mad dash and crash of everyone over clicking ORDER at the same time! Great job to the folks at Sparkfun for almost free day! Thanks for the deals and getting me into trying something new and getting my lady an account on Sparkfun, Now I just got to drop hints about what I want for Christmas from Sparkfun Heehee!

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