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  • also, I think the units should be volts rather than amps for the highlighted out-of-range items in the last table.

  • Sparkfun! Please accept my long distance high-five from Canada for this one. I know this is another great Sparkfun product and I haven't even bought one yet! On a related note, I have a film canister with 5-10 micro SD cards that have lost their magic smoke. If anyone has a use for these, please get in touch. ;oP

  • I view this as hope for the world.

    Just heard on the radio that the top three "pastimes" culled from Facebook were "Justin Bieber", "Cell Phones", and "Crying". I guess I did figure out (in part with SF Tutorials) how to trigger my camera with a cell phone; I did shed a couple of tears in the process so I shouldn't judge.

  • Same in pharmaceuticals-- if it's any comfort. I once called a big chemical supplier to offer them the "opportunity" to supply us with 2-3 45 gallon drums of a "special solvent" (with special up-testing of course!). Very nice gentleman on the other end said, after a long pause, "You do understand that our normal unit of measure for this "special solvent" is by rail tanker?" Live and learn.

  • Everything I have is 5V rather than 3.3V so I needed to level shift to get this working with Arduino. The SF logic level converter (BOB-12009) works well for this but the TXB0104 (BOB-11771) does not. The TXB0104 seems to attenuate the Arduino signals down too low or?. The reason is probably obvious to the engineers but it is not to me. Just FYI.

  • 0 Celsius seems high for the low temperature limit. Could this be double-checked? It's not obvious to me why a stainless steel probe could not be taken to -50C or lower.

  • Ditto for me. Thanks so much!

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