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  • Thank you for sharing the pictures. It was fun to look through and see if my family and I were in any (and we were. the battle bot picture with the "oh my gosh" faces). We look forward to next year and my son (8yr old with the robot muscle shirt) wants to try and build a bot for next year :)

  • Tired of living in Mario's shadow, Luigi makes plans to become an only child using the dreaded blue shell

  • Dang, I could only get to 12 during the AVC. I should have gotten a bigger running start.

  • I said there's nothing up my sleeve........you got a problem with that? This is magic.

  • .........so I busted out my sweetest robot moves.
    And that's how I won the dance battle..........college was awesome

  • Dang....it seemed so close. at the shipping selection 3 times and a time out each time.
    Better luck next time
    PS. It would be cool to see what projects come out of freeday items (I like to think that nobody got stuff just to turn around and sell it - that would make them a scumbag).

  • This is such an unfortunate story. I stumbled upon SparkFun probably a year ago and check back almost daily just to see what's going on or see the latest projects. I found the site looking for what SparkFun has to offer, not Sparc. I'm a chemistry grad student that finds electronics fascinating (I also try and think of ways I can work in your building). It's ridiculous that you have to justify how dissimilar your trademarks are. I do know that no matter what your name is, I will still follow your escapades.

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