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  • I would like to use multiple DRV2605 breakout boards over I2C to control multiple vibration motors (with each board providing independent control of one vibration motor).

    Is this impossible due to each DRV2605 breakout board having the same fixed I2C address?

    If I were to instead use the trigger pin of each DRV2605 breakout board, is there a way to set each board to trigger a specific effect?

  • For charging, the Razor IMU supplies a 450mA Charge Current. What might happen if I used the Razor IMU to charge a 400mAh battery? eg https://www.sparkfun.com/products/13851

    Might this battery explode, or would it just be bad for the health of this battery?

  • Glad you brought this up, I had exactly the same question. I will assume it is an ERA. Sparkfun, it would be really helpful if you clarified which type of motor this is.

  • What does it weigh?

  • Can anybody suggest where I can buy the terminals and black plastic sheaths these connectors use, along with the handtool required to fix the terminals on to the wire?

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