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  • Did you add the 56 ohm resistor as part of the 5 voltage divider or is this resistor already on the Arduino or Atmega chip?

  • What's the purpose of the tiny holes surrounding the mounting holes?

  • I've got this working some of the time with my Arduino UNO (breakout board is powered from UNO 3.3v supply) in serial mode, but the breakout board keeps getting hung up or something because no sound plays when it should. The busy pin will be HIGH, but nothing is coming out of the speaker. I tried the delay() changes in Wtv020sd16p.cpp, but that didn't help. I have to remove and re-apply power from the breakout board to get it working again. I posted more details on the Arduino forum:

  • The example code ( doesn't work with an Arduino Leonardo. The Leonardo runs okay for 15 to 30 seconds, then hangs.

  • The spec sheet doesn't have the physical dimensions. What the overall size and what's the display area size?

  • I don't see this in the Sparkfun's Eagle library. Is it there somewhere?

  • Is there a schematic available? I'd like to see how it detects an input.

  • Is this part in the Sparkfun Eagle library?

  • Is it the case that I shouldn't use the serial monitor and when the DLINE/UART switch is in the UART position? I'm doing it and I don't have any problems. But from reading the comments, it sounds like I should leave the switch in the DLINE position, and configure my sketch to use pins 2 & 3. I'm a bit confused about this. In this method, are pins 2 and 3 communicating with the Xbee or the serial monitor. How exactly to do I change my code to use pins 2 & 3? Also, is this change not possible with the Leonardo and Mega? One of the comments says something about not all pins supporting change interrupts. I assuming this means Leonardo and Mega can't use Pins 2 & 3.

    Currently I'm using XBee Series 1 and the Uno with IDE v 1.0.1

  • I don't like these at all. The plastic around the alligator clip is very slippery, so when you are squeezing it, the clip slips round inside the plastic.

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