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  • It's strange that nobody commented on SmartPipe :) I thought that it's as crazy as it could be

  • This is so familiar :) Thanks for sharing your experience. For me, the best thing to see when designers works closely to engineers and share their knowledge. Even in Blynk we "fight" for ideas/implementation :) Which I find really cool because then great ideas and solutions are born.

  • Thank you!

    I'm not that familiar with PICs, but Blynk engineers might be. I've asked them already, but you can also do that on our forum: , or shoot and email to

  • That's a great scenario for an engineer ;) Of course design of the lock should provide mechanical access (no electronics involved)

    As I mentioned, all depends on the particular product. Every "principle" above has some priority depending on the appication. For example, it's ok if parking lot sensor disconnects and shows that it's "vacant". Who cares if it stays off there for even a week. While if someone's blood sugar level data is collected and analyzed in the cloud and battery dies, that's a different scale...

  • Agree, having RTC on board is usually super useful. However, if there is some connectivity, you can sync the internal timer with the cloud - it's also a solution. Even Arduino can run for a couple of weeks with +- correct time.

    Not for industrial applications, of course.

    We in Blynk made an "RTC widget" so that you can sync it when you need it.

  • Thank you for kind words! Glad you like Blynk. There is still a lot of room for improvement, but we really work hard on the best UX.

    ESP8266 can be tricky, for sure :) I hear you. I'm glad SparkFun took all the hassles out of it and made it much more accessible.

  • Yes, exactly. I think that soon it will be less of a problem, but still, there should be always a "backdoor". Depending on the application or the product, connectivity design should be very well thought through. Most of the user frustrations come from system failures, so all the errors should be handled.

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