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Country: United States

  • hi sh@de i brought nRF2401A Transceiver with Chip Antenna (WRL-00152). According to the datasheet of nrf2401a power_up (pin no 23) has to be made high to enter into configurtion or active mode,but the module which i have has power_up pin left open. n since the ic package is punch QFN24 i’m not able to access that pin. so can u tell how to solve this problem.. a did u work on same module r something else.
    Thank You.

  • Hi i brought a AVR-USB-STK development board for AT90USB162 controller from sparkfun. i wrote a simple led blinking program using AVR STUDIO+ WIN AVR and i progarmmed the controller using flip software. But now i’m not able to program it again. the development board is not getting detected . i tried connecting it to other computers but still the board is not getting detected. so can any help me to solve this problem.

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