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  • Don't bother wasting your time with a 555. Just use a PWM output from your micro to create the 38KHz pulse.
    There are a couple of methods that you could use:
    1.) Bit-bang the PWM output (turn the PWM on and off according to your data. This is the most computationally intensive method.)
    2.) Use the PWM as an oscillator, then use the UART line to control a FET feeding this signal to an LED. (Least computationally intensive, yet requires additional hardware)
    3.)Connect your UART output pin to an interrupt pin in your micro. In the interrupt routine, change the PWM pin ON or OFF. (my favorite method, especially if you have the extra pins)

  • Digital. Note the BJT.

  • I would bet that is correct. This is a very low current receiver that contains nothing more than an op-amp, a receive LED. It is an ?Open collector? output with an internal pull-up resistor of 30k, so the data line will be whatever voltage level you put on pin 2, and the max current is Vin/30k. This is not meant to drive some LED, just a data line. There is usually no reason to have a smaller pull-up than this, ESPECIALLY at these speeds.

  • So how did you finally come to the conclusion of "Made in USA"? I was creating a widget for sale, and I wanted to say "Made in USA", but I ran across the same issue you did. How did you reconcile this? Is it because a majority of the cost was spent in the US (Manufacturing cost being your main contributor)? Was it the weight of the components (PCB manufactured in US, which is the heaviest piece, or largest by volume)? Or was "Assembled in USA" the only requirement?

  • Sparkfun specializes in rapid prototyping. It sells parts, kits, and prototype equipment, along with sample code, allowing the hobbyist to easily join the high-tech world, or providing professionals with a simple way to prototype complicated ideas.

  • I wonder if ping distances have anything to do with not connecting? I spent two hours trying to get in, and I kinda managed to see the first page of the quiz (around 1.6 hours into it), but never got it to work. (FYI: I'm from the midwest)

  • Could you please make sure to add good sources for solderpaste? It seems fairly expensive, so I want to make sure I'm not getting taken to the cleaners.

  • To all those saying "Shoulda used PIC"...
    Microchip had a shortage of the PIC24F's about a year ago. Read up on the Hack-a-Day Bus Pirate builds.
    These part shortages are rampant across most companies.

  • Thanks for the clarification.
    The fun part about trademark law: If you don't try to enforce them, you can never enforce them. Say that SparkFun went on to larger things, such as computer hardware. If SPARC did not try to defend its trademark now, it would not be able to defend it in the future.
    I don't blame SPARC as much now as I did. I would blame the Trademark system.

  • How is the quality when compared to the "RF Link" boards? I have used the "RF Link" line, and they were riddled with errors, making them unusable unless I had a good microcontroller. Any thoughts?

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