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  • All good questions, but I’m still stuck on a keg at WORK.
    KEG at work = best job EVER

  • check your fuse bits, check those stupid capacitors around the crystal. If they’re not the right kind the whole thing goes down.

  • Well, after reading several comments and saying to myself “I’M NOT GOING TO PUT THE WRONG CAPS IN!”…I put the wrong caps in…works better now…
    Is there some standard way of reading the codes on these things? Do these teeny tiny letters actual mean anything? Anyway to check what the actual value is?
    stupid caps…

  • I’ve been trying to disect the source code of this project. (You know…learning and stuff…) The pin connections on the schematic don’t seem to match the pin selections in the source code…Either that or I’m confused… no, no, it must be the schematic.
    Any thoughts there?

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