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  • I do have a question for SparkFun.....
    If this goes sour and you are forced to change your website/name, will we all recieve an e-mail explaining where to go to find you?

  • Why would any large corportation want to harm the productivity of any business that supplies many instruments to our learning college students! I know that myself and most of my classmates, when I was a student at Southern Polytechnic State University in Georgia, have used sparkfun to assist them in learning and enhancing their college experience. This ploy to force SparkFun to spend tons of money on lawyer fees will simply retract those funds from creating new helpful products that our current college students desperately need and use on almost a daily basis! Not to mention the many tutorials that are offered here that assist any novice in advancing in their knowledge basis. This is simply ridiculous and sad to see that any large corporation would want to harm this smaller company who doesn't even take any of their market share. Sparkfun and SPARC, I certainly have never gotten them confused!

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