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  • Roxanne to Cyrano : How obvious it is now--the gift you gave him. All those breakout boards, they were you... All those beautiful Actobotics parts, they were you!...

  • Awhile back I sent you guys an email about making a breakout board for this. It is wicked rough to find any stock of that IC. This is a most excellent news.

  • Planking is so last year! We're are stacking!

  • I use to have a lamp when I was younger that someone made from them. Easy to make just bend them into a cylinder or put two back to back and rivet them and then bend into a cylinder. You need to make a cap for the top or leave it open. Put a blub on the inside and watch the awesome patterns it makes on the walls. I think it would be awesome to make some hanging/swag lamps like that for a local hackerspace lounge.

  • Wish it was HD radio :D One of our local stations WRVU got slammed into an HD station and we can no longer hear it due to the lack of HD radios. If a cheap HD radio could be made I would make them and give them out so WRVU will go on.

  • I was looking at DK at a part just like this! Now if you had a break out board for it I would love it! Needing to make a custom mouse replacement that can send key commands from a button to a pc.

  • I took off work again (paid) this year to do this. I was happy to have had a chance of winning anything at all. For that I want to say thank you SF for doing this again. For this year it was not about winnings, it's about giving. We gave you the biggest slam to your servers you could possibly imagine and you gave to charities who need every penny they can get. :) BTW I got into the quiz and answered 3 questions before the 4th timed out and I had to guess. I guessed wrong, but my unlucky bucks went to help someone else. By the time it was over I was glad to have helped in some way and got a few things to boot.

  • Next version put the option for an regulator and and an optional shifter. :) Please.

  • In addition, I think if you have a very limited budget the knockoffs should be just fine for most people.

  • A knock off 936, right down to a knock off 907 iron. I think I will stick to my real 936.