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  • See... Billy Idol gets it...

  • To play devils advocate here... Where is the bulk of the cost? Is it the aluminum or the powder coating? Would steel provide a more attractive price?
    I can see aluminum being chosen for heat dissipation benefits, but it's using standoffs to mount the arduino, which defeats that theory.
    I guess I'm not seeing it. But don't get me wrong, It's a sweet lookin' case...

  • One other thought...
    The back of the banana plugs bottom out when the unit is placed flat. If this were set on a conductive surface while power is applied, bad things would likely happen. Having some longer standoffs would be a bit safer.

  • Just bought one and put it together. IMHO the only thing it's missing is a switch. I ended up modding a switch into the pcb by breaking out pin 16 ( PS_ON - green wire ) and switching it to common ground.
    Not all Power supplies ( especially older ones ) have a switch on the back. Plus I wanted to set this up on my workbench and have the PSU hidden out of the way. Having to unplug either the PSU or the connector seemed silly.
    The only other thing worth noting is that since the grounds are all common, three of them are redundant, so I left them off. I am using single banana plugs, so I just move the red one around as needed.

  • As cool and potentially useful this is, I have a hard time swallowing the price tag.
    I'd buy one for every one of my arduinos if they were under $10.

  • Thanks for this. Very informative. Though I knew most of it, after using many multimeters over the better part of the past 2 decades ( in a hobby capacity ), I still learned a few things.
    I would love to see a "oscilloscope for dummies" tutorial. I purchased a DSO Nano ( http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9625 ) when you first started selling it, but I'm really haven't used it much because of a lack of a general understanding of it's use.

  • drex... are you drunk?
    7 posts in just over 20 minutes...
    We get it. The rocket is not suborbital.

  • The link to the 50W Analog Soldering Station is broken...

  • Kevin Smith?

  • Your parts list is missing the smaller IC...

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