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  • Looks like whoever was Photoshopping out the watermark in the background erased the decimal point as well. Most likely 1.4mm. Same issue with the length of the quick connect tabs - they are more likely 5.0mm long and not 50mm ;)

  • These SparkFun guys are pretty cool - replaced my glass no questions asked - the new one is much improved!
    Cool electronic gizmos and A+ customer service - thanks!

  • Just got one of these guys - great meter. Good build quality, ery nice 'feel'
    Not sure what the issue is re: battery - simple enough to unscrew the tray and drop in a 9V. Like other posters have pointed out - the bat only fits one way. Don't force anything and you'll be fine.
    Looks like this:
    Might be the iR USB cable although it doesn't list the UT60 on the 'compatible with' list
    The cables are available on eBay - $13 + shipping, I may get one to try - will post here with results if I do.

  • So I'm not a jerk but... my pint glass arrived today and I hate to say it but this is the first SparkFun purchase where I've got a bit of buyers remorse.
    The glass itself is great - a classic heavy wall tumbler that will resist all but the worst day to day abuse. But the printing - it is just not up to SparkFun's quality standards.
    Looks to be low quality transfer stamp vs. a higher quality silk screen. The black is more of a dark gray - and it's crooked. The right side is about 3/32 higher than the left. The underprinting is straight but the black on top is crooked.
    Mostly I'm reacting to the crooked... I don't like crooked.
    For a company of your size you guys have done an amazing job with your brand and it's touch points - great web site, beautyful PCBs, and the magical red boxes... this one just comes up a bit short.
    p.s. The rest of my box of goodies is A+ - you are right about the UT60 - great unit, worth every penny

  • Is it me or does that "14-pin ATmega48 microcontroller" have 28 pins?

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