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  • Current isn't passing through the traces on the board, those are just for sensing. The device in the center w/ 001M on it is a current sense resistor or shunt. Basically an extremely low value, extremely precise resistor. Since you know the resistance, and it's very precise, you can then measure voltage drop across that resistor and deduce the current running through that resistor. The other chips and resistors on the board simply take the voltage drop and scale/offset/amplify it to a 0-3.3V value. With 0 representing no current flow and 3.3V representing the maximum current flow (178.8A) -- if you go OVER the maximum you'll also go over the voltage output. Likewise the voltage sensing circuit is a simple voltage divider.
    As for heating of the shunt resistor itself, up to it's rated amperage it'll probably be fine as long as it's not sealed in epoxy or some other insulating material. I agree 12Ga wire is suspect though.

  • Damn cheap chinese transporters anyway! Maybe the germans will take over. Mercedes Benz matter transformation technology!

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