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  • Hey! I just started experimenting with the soil moisture sensor, but am having some problems with the readings. Basically if I stick it into water it generates a reading of about 580, and if I take it out the reading is about 280. After sticking it into very dry soil I still get a bouncy reading between 520 and 560. Are these reading accurate? Is there maybe some documentations that I could look at? I read through all of the links provided, but cant seem to find a more accurate guide on this...

    Also, do you recommend using any resistors? I saw in the schematics that a 10k resistor can be used...any suggestions on that?


    I also used this to check voltage readings: float getVoltage(int pin) { return (analogRead(pin) * 0.004882814); }

    Voltage is always around 3.8....

    Thanks and have a great day! Urban

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