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  • I have the same issue did you every come up with a solution?

  • Can I get updates at 1Khz using this IMU board, the photon, and these libraries? Maybe sending data via udp packets with 40 samples (of all 9 axes) a chunk it to make it a reasonable 25 hertz back at a host/logger?

  • Sigh... were my questions stupid or something? It seems like most of these others posts were answered.

    I looked ay the GitHub Arduino stuff and still it says that the GPIO ability is in the range of 100hz, and it seems that low level I/O isn't really an option... this greatly reduces the usefulness of this board. I hope that this isn't the end of the I/O development. Without low-level I/O drivers bit-banging is not really a good option.

    Also my question of the redirection of pins wasn't addressed. Thanks in advance or you responses on these questions.

  • I just received my board. Very exciting!

    Looking at the Schematic, there are only 9 pins labeled GPIO, but a bunch of other pins that have designations for I2C, SPI, PWM on them. Can I use all of these pins as GPIO... in fact how many GPIO pins are available on this board for me to use?

    Also, how quickly can I access these pins from my C-code: for instance, if I wanted to implement a software I2C or something like that?

  • Hey Pete,

    Here is a similar guitar project I found.


  • I completely agree with Menny here. If anything, this guy is nicely making the case FOR a Designer not against. I'm sorry he has some axe to grind with ID but what does that have to do with cool electronic stuff? Please tell him to go find some evolutionary/ID blog/website/forum and pour out his ideas until his heart is content. This just isn't the right place for it.

    SparkFun has always been a really 'fun' site to go to. Crapola like this cubelet rep's comments really put rain on the parade.

  • Since D3 and D4 are going to be asymmetric because you are getting a true 5VDC on 3A (D4) through the pullup, and the 2A (D3)line is simply the output of the Mega (3.3VDC). Will the speeds be asymmetric as well?

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