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  • Hello again,
    A desesperted try and… works. The problem (in my case) seems to be the SCK pin. It seems to be “not_soldered_as_must” and after a fe minutes of work, went to fail. Giving heat with the soldier and pushing a bit in that area can work.
    If some one try this, be careful. The board pad can disappear easy (in my case, with several times over the same area, happened, and it is no easy make a bridge over).

  • Hello,
    I am having also problems with it. In I2C mode, sometimes is working, sending data, and stops, later continue. Other times it doesn’t work nothing (this breakout). An EEPROM in the same bus work without problems…
    The same in two boards:
    - ArduinoNANO 5v + ShiftLevel
    - ATmega328p 3.3v + FT232RL Breakout
    Internals pull-ups disabled. External: 4k7, 1k, 10k and nothing.
    Any idea?

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