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  • I have downloaded the Mellotron files and the G42 played without clicking. I then went back to the files that I converted. Looks like one of the WAV converters that I used appended ID3 tag info, specifically track #. Still investigating but I'm pretty sure its user error on the clicking, both on short and long files. I'll order another FTDI breakout in the event mine is defective. I'll follow-up on email on that issue.

  • No, I am unable to flash the firmware. The Flash utility reports that it cannot connect after clicking Program. I have selected the corrected COM port and put the selector switch in the Load position.

    Yes the track plays but still produces the cyclical clicking noise with red LED constantly illuminated. I have removed all files except "001_Number.wav" from the Sparkfun hookup guide found here: This file played with out clicks in previous testing. The only connection is to the headphones and to power. Power is via a 5v 2.6A PSU.

  • I am having a problem with my WAV Trigger. Can you give me some idea where the problem may be? I have ordered a replacement WAV trigger but would like to make sure that I do not have the same problem again. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    After playing a file, the WAV trigger hangs making a rapid cycling clicking noise through the headphone (or speaker) with the WT LED constantly on. I have confirmed the problem by placing the test WAV files from the website on a reformatted card.

    I am able to connect with the Remote utility via a FTDI basic breakout board but am unable to connect using the same board with the reflash utility while in Load mode.

    The WT was working previously. It has the capacitor (0603 0.47uF 16volts) mod and is running firmware version 83. I am interfacing to an Arduino which is connected to a PC via USB and is also powering the WAV trigger. I have enabled the amp and connected the WAV trigger to an 8ohm 0.5W speaker.

    I modified the arduino libraries to include a status check which I call every 3 seconds. My arduino sketch is randomizing the file play depending on user selection and if no file is playing on the WT. I do play a minority of the files in Polyphonic mode but only two at a time.

    The problem began after I loaded 800 WAV files onto a 32GB card with the wrong bit and sample rate. After correcting the WAV problems and loading a new sketch to the Arduino the WAV trigger failed with clicking hang described above.

  • Thank you for the answer! That's what I needed to know. My polling will be 1-3 seconds so that should work fine. Thanks for the reminder on the variable length response.

  • I'm using the Wav Trigger in an art project. It works very well with the Arduino Nano for syncing music and user feedback sounds. It was very easy to wire and integrate with my project. Thanks for making it!

    I did have a question about the GET_STATUS and corresponding STATUS return from the WAV Trigger. I understand that these are not available in the Arduino Library. Is this a limitation in the firmware? I can attempt to add this to the library but thought I would check if its possible with the current version.

  • Thank you Sparkfun! I learned a little more reviewing the tutorials and even scored $20 swag this time around (had to go for the quiz). Happy customer who gets the point :)

  • Thanks for the soldering fun and wheel of misfortune stickers and lab coat! We had a great time and hope to see Sparkfun again next year!

  • Didn't get in but thanks all the same. Placed my order anyway (lacking a few bits). Really, really want to see the data on this experiment, please!

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