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  • Nate, When using the low cost magnetic GNSS antenna were you able to receive any L2 signals or were they all blocked by a filter? I look forward to seeing some multi-band antennas show up!

    Thanks! Tom

  • I just found a possibly appropriate antenna for use with these in GPSWorld.

    Have you looked at the AGR6302/6303 antenna from Allystar? Its a magnetic mount with the following: AGR6302 is capable of receiving L1/L2 bands, and AGR6303 is capable of receiving L1/L5 bands. I think we would be interested in the 302.

    Thanks in advance!

  • oops ... didn't see your reply here. I think you can get better accuracy with a better antenna ... one with a more stable phase center. Might want to try one with a CORS type survey antenna if you just want to show off how close you can get!

    Remember also you can take the dual frequency raw data and feed it into OPUS to get a well surveyed ground station point. OPUS is from and is free to use.

  • Arrghh ..... I wish I had known you were so close to releasing this board and would have ordered from SparkFun instead of the ArduSimple project .... which won't be to my house until February! No matter ... Congratulations and I'm very glad you have added this to them list of SparkFun products! I've already told my co-workers to look at this unit!

    On another point ... you don't seem to have any antenna available here on SparkFun which cover both the L1 and L2 band. Is that something you're going to fix in the next week or so .... that way I won't make another purchasing blunder ;-)

    Oh ... one with a stable and well known phase center would really rock too


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