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  • ShawnHymel,

    I was able to use another wire library that added the timeout needed for when the device is not plugged in properly or there is something laying over it on boot up.

    Message #11 on this thread (for a teensy at least):

    My question to you is how do we add new gestures? It’s implied that we can and the Seeedstudio Grove product allows for clockwise and counter-clockwise gestures that I would like to add.

  • I'm trying to keep the options of input open from either this device or a rotary encoder for my interface, not both. I'll have to come up with a way around this I guess. I didnt expect apds.init() to cause the application to hang if the device wasn't present. Was hoping for an exit code of some sort.

  • I'm having an issue NOT initializing my apds-9960. Yes, I wrote that correctly :) I would like to have an option of using a rotary device or the apds-9960 in my sketch. If the apds-9960 is disconnected then my app hangs on the apds.init() command... how do I get this routine to time out after a certain amount of time so my sketch can proceed? Additionally I am getting occasional freezing when you wave your hand too fast. I am using 1.4.2 on an arduino. Please help, this is going on a car and I wont have a way to reboot it, I need it stable.

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