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  • Thanks.
    I have read the 2bytes storage part, but I missed the ADC.

  • What is the actual bit resolution on this bugger?

  • Also the datasheet is a bit vague on the actual resolution settings.
    Does it work with 16bit resolution @+-2g ?

  • Very nice resolution on this module.
    Any chance that you add a 16 or 20 bit AD converter breakout board in your inventory?
    if not, any suggestions on AD converters?

  • Do you expect to have these in stock soon?

  • Slackers :p

  • I agree.
    I would love to see some more space in it (328).
    Also, I don t see the purpose of having a power only usb plug. Either remove it altogether and allow the usage of FTDI for both power/charging and communication (like with pro), or incorporate the FTDI on the board.
    These could be excellent All-in-one boards for tighly packed projects.
    I will surely consider one for my project if it comes out in 328.
    Also I wanted you to please clarify something. Does it work with Xbee 2.5? Someone above said that it does not. Is this true?

  • Very nice shape for handheld projects.
    Although the huge logo can be a bit of a problem if you are looking for a place to gracefully fit an LCD and a joystick on the top cover.

  • Can these be powered and be fully functional using a 3v3 Li-Po battery?
    The datasheet states that for sd functionality you need 5v, but I don t see why is that. SDs work at 3v3.

  • I doubt button cells are rechargeable...
    Anyway. I was wondering the same as Jody.
    I need my device to go on a low-power state to protect its oLed and maintain its internal clock.
    I guess I could add a simple transistor on the extra led sockets and simply signal the device to stay at low power state while the CHK pin on the MAX1555 keeps sinking current (charging).
    Do you think the

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