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  • Awesome ! You guys rock on the price for these. Want some of these for basement recessed light fixtures. Even with shipping for a handful of these, it'll probably come out even or better vs local hardware store, and I'll have an excuse to find something else I need from sparkfun.......

  • I did have my cart loaded up and logged in, but couldn't get through. sad for me. Thanks though SF.
    You know, I had been carefully choosing the items in my cart for a couple of weeks. Things I hadn't bought before, because I didn't flat out need them. But this allowed me to find some things that I might want, like a ClocKit and MetroGnome to build with the kids, hey that might be fun to get them into electronics. And now I'm sad I didn't get what I've worked myself into needing. So I might go ahead and order them in the future, because now I need them.....
    Good free scheme I think, to cause customers to translate wants into needs, if they don't get it for free.

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