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  • @Phystchr96: I think there are not many responses to your posting because there are few if any teachers here and possibly not many people with experience with FRC. So expecting good advice on teaching a class to foster skills for FRC is a tall order. That being said, I have experience with Arduinos and LabVIEW (though not FRC), so I will make an attempt. I think that LabVIEW would provide an easier interface to the Arduino especially if you, the teacher, already has some LabVIEW expertise. I also think many of the LabVIEW skills learned in using this toolkit would be general enough that they would help students when working with FRC. One thing to keep in mind here is that the LabVIEW Arduino Interface toolkit requires that the Arduino always be connected to the PC so if you envision a robot driven by an Arduino completely disconnected from the PC then this LabVIEW Interface toolkit may not be the correct choice.

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